Elements to Consider

There's more than a few ways to approach Universal Design, including the 7 Principles of Universal Design. Below is an index of the design elements that I chose to focus on and how they relate to Universal Design.

Color is an expressive way to convey emotion, but one shouldn’t rely on it to convey information. Many people see and interact with colors differently.


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Design composition and layout of space are the building blocks for the rest of a design. It makes sense that it’s the place to start with Universal Design.


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Videos, images, and other multimedia effects can be a great way to convey information, but relying only on audio or visuals can be problematic, as many can struggle if you are relying entirely on it to convey information.


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Reading type that is too small or confusing is no fun. From the font you use to the color you make it, typography influences a lot of your design and its accessibility.


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The internet has become essential to how people interact with the world, from marketing to communication and interactions between people to ecommerce. A lot rests in a web designer’s hands, including making sure that everyone can use the page.


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Published 2018

Content written by EmilyG Design